About SVB Ventures

SVB has long history of supporting and collaborating with various fintech bodies in Singapore since 2018, such as Singapore Fintech Association.


To be the top tier fund who Creates Wealth, Thinks Sustainable and Empowers all stakeholders to benefit from the blockchain revolution.

  1. To build the necessary bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance.
  2. To facilitate the flow of capital and transfer of resources from old world to new world.
  3. To educate, collaborate and inspire all stakeholders who share our journey.
SVB Ventures

Value Propositions

How SVB can help Project Owners?

  • Fundraising with ease
  • Get more token holders & reach out to wider audience
  • Access to our valuable network of multi-chain partners
  • Advice on overall strategy including: Tokenomics, Gamification, Go to market.

How SVB can help Clients & Community?

We seek to facilitate the flow of capital and at the same time, help our Clients & Community access to great potential projects launching on different chains

How SVB can help other VCs & partners?

We know how hard it is to find a good gem among this chaotic yet intriguing world of crypto. Investing in the right people, at the right time, for the right purpose, would not only bring you great rewards, but also make the whole ecosystem stronger. We want to be part of this journey. Talk to us.

SVB Ventures


SVB Ventures


We are the trusted partner and advisor to many blockchain projects and institutions in Vietnam, Singapore and the region.